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Do unto others what you want done unto your favorite pair of jeans.

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I lost my shit for like an hour

Oh lmao!

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boomboomgunn asked: Why is that you post things that racist white people do with captions such as "stop white people" and make a fuss about that and then are perfectly happy to be racist towards white people? I've seen so much racism to white people being posted by you. I am a huge fan and don't want to annoy you but do you not see how much of a double standard that it. Just because my ancestors owned several of your ancestors isn't a good reason to single white people out as being racist Dont you agree?


First of all, where is this racism against white people you speak of? Are white people hurt by negative stereotypes like “coming in 15 mins late with starbucks”? Are white people “stopped randomly” because they looked suspicious coming out of a high end jewlery store? Are white people told their skin is too light to be beautiful? I understand prejudice, but racism against white isn’t possible because racism is systematic oppression put in place by white people, for white people.

And second,

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